Fully automatic loading and unloading vacuum thick sheet forming machine,Automatic Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine,Multi-station rotary molding machine,High Speed ​​Double Plate Forming Machine,pressure forming machine
Non-standard custom vacuum forming machine

Non-standard custom vacuum forming machine


twin-sheet forming

The twin-sheet forming is equipped with an advanced heating and cooling system that can heat and cool the material quickly and evenly, minimizing production cycles and enhancing efficiency. The motor is very strong but it’s also energy-saving, it will make function in necessary time to prevent waste. Each component is suitable for international standard, so it’s easy to maintain and install.

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Door Panel Vacuum Forming Machin

The door panel vacuum forming machine has a high flexibility, you can easily operate the machine with simple instruction. It can not only support you with low input, but also bring a high output. It can easily control and trace the process, getting your production purpose, which both save the time to wait for the mould and to change mould, at the same time, it also improves the production efficiency. The biggest function is that it can accurately match with your specific production demands.

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Double station vacuum forming

The double station vacuum forming machine can be used in small space, and it can fast work out of the limit of vacuum room. The screen will show the temperature, pressure, and location, so you can freely adjust it. It can keep the heating board in constant temperature to prevent danger. It is suitable for thermoforming of composite materials, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc.

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pressure forming machine

The pressure forming machine has low-temperature design, the products can fast demould from the mold without any stick, it can be easily operated. It is made of steel and with touch screen, very easy to clean and maintain. There are anti-pressure accidental safety device, so you do not worry about the working and human safety. The appearance looks like advanced, if your customers see the machine, they will all praise and surprise for it.

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High Speed ​​Double Plate Forming Machine

The high speed double plate forming machine has good sealing with high stability and strength, and it’s easy to install and maintain. The volume is small, and you can customize the volume for your wanted. The power for moulding is very strong, very suitable for different complicated products. The compact construction makes it accurately control the manufacture, thereby improve the production efficiency. The most important is that it can well prevent the oil temperature too high, the cooling system can make it well cool down.

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Multi-station rotary molding machine

The multi-station rotary molding machine can produce all kinds of parts based on the different mold structure. It can also store lots of memories, so that it can be used fast and efficient to prevent waste in necessary. The machine’s design is geared towards minimizing material waste, thereby reducing material costs and promoting sustainability. Whether you are ready to buy or not, you can all contact with us, we will give you our professional knowledge.

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Automatic Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine

The automatic thick sheet vacuum forming machine is in strong strength to make sheets with high quality, and it can fast produce the sheet than manual manufacture. If you are considering for substituting the human into machine, we will tell you, it’s a perfect idea that you can save lot of cost, and the machine is gathered the essence with experienced professionals, so it can substitute lot of workers. It’s an ideal machine that many industrial will in urgent need.

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Fully automatic loading and unloading vacuum thick sheet forming machine

The all parameters and operation of the fully automatic loading and unloading vacuum thick sheet forming machine can be all set up in the touch screen, and you can freely change 2 different modes. Just heating with 5 minutes, you can start to manufacture the sheets with the energy-saving heating stick. The temperature control using regulator module mode, each heating element can be as a heating unit.

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