thick sheet vacuum forming machine,thick gauge thermoforming machine
Thick sheet vacuum forming machine

Thick sheet vacuum forming machine


Tidal Planting Tray Vacuum Forming Machine

The tidal planting tray vacuum forming machine is in high stability, and freely applicable for the workshop use requirements. It’s sensitive, eco-friendly, quiet, and clean, the low cost to use and maintain the machine. If the products are processed in the automatic mode, it can fulfill the whole process. The another mode is manual, you can adjust the mould and pressure, then to achieve automatic operation.

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Hydroponic Tray Thermoforming Machine

The hydrophobic tray thermoforming machine is designed with high-tech and exquisite craftsmanship. It can also monitor itself to know its condition from each part, then to make good reply to protect them and make them work in good condition. It’s energy-saving and quiet, can adjust multi-stage pressure to make the trays in good technology according to the tray special manufacture characteristics.

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Plastic Tray Vacuum Forming Machine

The plastic tray vacuum forming machine is made of high quality steel, it can resist of the rust year by year. It is equipped with the cooling system, and in cooling, it has no shocks or leak rest of the winds from the fan, so it can efficiently improve the production efficiency. It can automatically help you to increase the production output with accurate analysis and limited materials.

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Suitcase Vacuum Forming Machine

The suitcase vacuum forming machine works quietly, and you will not think it’s too loud or noisy for you. You can do your own things in such quiet environment, and it may produce more suitcases quickly. Human can not go beyond the machine, especially for the intelligent machine, it can deal with data specifically, then to make certain plan for production line. The wholesale of the suitcase vacuum forming machine is very simple, you can just contact with us, then if you want to get quick quote, you can show us the drawing before.

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Luggage Vacuum Forming Machine

The heating machine of the luggage vacuum forming machine is applied with imported ceramic infrared heating brick, which is convenient to process for those difficult to manufacture. It can also freely adjust the mould table, it’s also convenient to make the products produced up and down. It can also support many materials like ABS or PVC to manufacture, to make it operate accurately and efficiently.

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New energy plastic battery box vacuum forming

The new energy plastic battery box vacuum forming machine fit nowadays popular hot subject, green and environmental friendly. It can make biggest production with high efficiency and low energy-consuming, which can both save your cost and make you accept bigger orders. Are you looking for the machine that can make least input and most output? The machine is a great helper that can well guide you to make more money.

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Automobile battery cover, battery box vacuum forming machine

The automotive battery over and battery box vacuum forming machine can be heated evenly with the upgrade S pipe, which greatly improves the heating speed. The servo motor can make the demoulding stable and accurate, so that it can make good automobile battery cover and battery box with high efficiency. We can also support ODM service, and if you meet any problem in the future, you can also contact with us, we will try our best to solve it.

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Automotive instrument panel vacuum forming machine

The automotive instrument panel vacuum forming machine is well equipped with good ventilation to guarantee that the heat can be well released. The inner electric line is well stored by components, so you do not worry that it will be easily damaged with naked in the air. The heating board made is also high-temperature resistant, it’s no risk for it to be burnt. It can produce high quality automotive instrument panel to make it maintain and use in many years.

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Auto accessories vacuum forming machine

The material to make auto accessories vacuum forming machine is durable and long-lasting, ensuring the reliability with bearing terrible environment. It is mainly designed to make auto accessories with high accuracy and efficiency. With its precise calculation, it can sum up the most suitable ratio to prevent the waste and make the most utilization for the material. If you have other needs, you can leave message to us, we will reply as soon as possible.

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Auto Parts Vacuum Forming Machine

The auto parts vacuum forming machine can make better auto parts than humans or traditional machine. The auto parts produced can have a long service life with tough characteristics. It has shorter lead times compared to other manufacturing processes, which means that manufacturers can produce auto parts more quickly and respond to customer demand more effectively. If you want to get the machine quickly, you can give us the drawing in advance. Then we will calculate the date to be finished and shipment to give you accurate reply.

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Car Truck Bumper Vacuum Thermoforming Machine

The car truck bumper vacuum thermoforming machine is the best choice to make car bumper vacuum, or you will waste lots of time and money on manufacture. The vacuum forming produces less waste than other manufacturing processes, which is important for manufacturers who are looking to reduce their environmental impact and improve sustainability. You can also choose to customize the machine, the color or shape, whatever you choose, we can all do that.

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Vehicle Parts Vacuum Forming Machine

The vehicle parts vacuum forming machine can automatically control and operate with the PLC touch screen control. The parts are easy to touch danger is applied with standard protective design to prevent overvoltage. The steel material makes it sturdy, whatever in usage or shipment, it can all keep the new. The exterior is applied with anti-rust coating layer, it can stand for many years. Whatever how poor the placing environment is, it can always keep the new.

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