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Wafer vacuum forming machine

Wafer vacuum forming machine


Plastic thermoforming machine

The plastic thermoforming machine can automatically complete the whole process of plastic thermoforming, including mold heating, feeding, plasticizing plastic molding, cooling, taking out, etc.. It can not only save a lot of energy, but also reduce the material loss of plastic molding, thus greatly reducing the production cost. And the entire plastic molding process can be completed automatically without manual operation, which improves production efficiency and quality.

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plastic vacuum forming machine

The plastic vacuum forming machine is widely used many industries, like food packaging or medical packaging. It is well equipped with the cooling system, so you do not worry that the products are difficult to take out or even break the products. It works quietly with the close of the main door, which will not bring any discomfort for others or the workers. And you will not feel noisy for the sound from the motor.

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Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

The automatic vacuum forming machine can accurately control the speed and direction to make production. It is equipped with safe protector, like overloading, too hotness, etc., it will automatically cut off the power to ensure you safety at first. With the reasonable structure, it can stably operate with easy operation, which can help you to solve the difficult problems. Besides, it can also adjust its each action to make the products with high quality.

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egg tray vacuum forming machine

The egg tray vacuum forming machine can make egg tray with low power consumption, but it can produce the trays quickly. It can automatically control the mold opening, mold closing, feeding, heating, heat preservation, vacuum cooling, and finish, which even do not need human to join in, and it can still work well with the whole process. The wielding technology make the machine more sturdy and have a long service life.

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cake tray vacuum forming machine

The cake tray vacuum forming machine can produce each cake tray with fast speed, why the human is difficult to go beyond is that the machine is not human, and it does not to have rest, the most important is that it can continuously works in a long time, and it even do not eat food or drink water. Therefore, the manufacture price is cheap, can support with large quantity of cake trays. You can also freely adjust the scale of the manufacture, whatever it is small or big, it all depends on your detailed deals.

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biscuit tray vacuum forming machine

The biscuit tray vacuum forming machine can help you to do many kinds of biscuit trays. If you employ many workers to make the biscuit tray, it’s too time-wasting and not environmental friendly. But with it, it can accurately calculate the suitable material to make, and you can quickly get the trays that you want. If you want to customize logo or any information on your machine, you can also tell us, we will satisfy your all needs.

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Fully automatic food tray, egg tray vacuum forming machine

The fully automatic food tray and egg tray vacuum forming machine is in high efficiency with low power consumption. It can automatically adjust suitable parameter to help you make more products, which can save lot cost on raw material. It can fast manufacture the products with easy operation, and support big safety for you, so you do not worry that it will bring danger to you. It is mainly made of anti-rust steel with high strength, and it’s difficult to be broken.

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PET, PVC packaging box vacuum forming machine

The PET and PVC packaging box vacuum forming machine is automatic with high performance. It is made of high quality and goes through serious check at least 3 times. It can also lower your cost to improve your economy efficiency. Besides, you do not to take part in any special training to learn how to use, you can follow our instruction to do your production, and it’s easy to be learned.

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Fruit Box Vacuum Forming Machine

The fruit box vacuum forming machine is with strong power, can produce multiple fruit box. And the machine is used with anti-rust material, so it’s difficult to rust in terrible environment. It’s also made of high quality components and advanced technology, as well as it can last for many years. You can clean the machine with water, it’s easy to clean up. The more important is that it can continuously work with high efficiency.

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Electronic Tray Vacuum Forming Machine

The electronic tray vacuum forming machine is an integrated design of machine, electricity and gas with the application of the latest international plastic sheet molding technology. You can easily control the machine with your figured parameters, and with it, you can utilize the least workers to do much production. It’s specially used for a assembly line dedicated to thermoforming and automatic punching of products.

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medical tray

The machine, producing medical tray, can well protect the medical products, and prevent them from shaking and friction. The vacuum with strong power is easy to make products forming, and improve the quality for those difficult to shape, and put an end to the waste. The machine includes cooling system, so it can well form the shape that you want, and it is controlled by machine with high accuracy. There are many buttons that you can change your parameters to do production.

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Plastic products

The machine produces plastic products can automatically control the motor to operate. The body is cover with anti-rust material or paint, so you do not worry that it will be fast rusted by oil or water. It’s also very easy to operate, you can set up the parameter on it, then it will normally operate with the total material, and the benefits for machine is that it can use the material as much as possible, so it’s difficult to produce waste if you calculate the suitable dose, which is very environmental friendly.

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