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egg tray vacuum forming machine

The egg tray vacuum forming machine can make egg tray with low power consumption, but it can produce the trays quickly. It can automatically control the mold opening, mold closing, feeding, heating, heat preservation, vacuum cooling, and finish, which even do not need human to join in, and it can still work well with the whole process. The wielding technology make the machine more sturdy and have a long service life.

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Vehicle Parts Vacuum Forming Machine

The vehicle parts vacuum forming machine can automatically control and operate with the PLC touch screen control. The parts are easy to touch danger is applied with standard protective design to prevent overvoltage. The steel material makes it sturdy, whatever in usage or shipment, it can all keep the new. The exterior is applied with anti-rust coating layer, it can stand for many years. Whatever how poor the placing environment is, it can always keep the new.

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PET, PVC packaging box vacuum forming machine

The PET and PVC packaging box vacuum forming machine is automatic with high performance. It is made of high quality and goes through serious check at least 3 times. It can also lower your cost to improve your economy efficiency. Besides, you do not to take part in any special training to learn how to use, you can follow our instruction to do your production, and it’s easy to be learned.

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