acrylic sheet molding machine

Acrylic, advertising signs vacuum forming machine

The body of the acrylic and advertising signs vacuum forming machine is welded by national standard steel structure profiles, so it’s very tough and sturdy. And it has undergone electronic aging treatment to ensure the strength and rigidity of the overall frame, to make it difficult to deform. Besides, you do not worry that the package, we will pack well it, and we can also take picture for you to make sure the good packaging.

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PC, acrylic transparent vacuum forming machine

The PC and acrylic transparent vacuum forming machine can accept various of processing material, so that you can produce abundant sheets. The overall frame is treated with anti-rust treatment and bottom spraying treatment, it’s not easy to rust or corrosion, it can even last for many years. The components from the machine is made of the universal, nearby you can find them, which is convenient to maintain and repair. If you can not find the components, you can contact with us, we will solve it as far as possible so as not to delay your start.

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Bathtub Vacuum Forming Machine

The bathtub vacuum forming machine has complete vacuum system, so it can generate negative pressure, thereby increasing production efficiency. It also has automatic system, can think of the data independently, and deal with the data with quick reply to make it do more production. Besides, it can also have different recordings, so when you want to find the most suitable ratio to manufacture, you can quickly find it.

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